Christ in Dreams

Dreaming of Christ means your faith has taken you to a level of communication only made available only to the true believers. The maker will share their secrets through additional coded messages and symbols throughout your dream. Christ will reward those with eternal life that continue to carry out his will.

Try to recall and record every word that comes to your Christ dream. It will ultimately lead the human race to salvation.

Beds in Dreams

Dreaming of beds means your mental state has reached a point of exhaustion while gaining a vast among of knowledge in the process. You are the type who welcomes relaxation and can shut down responsibilities to recover the body and mind.

Also, a bed can mean a place of union between you and your loved one to share intimate moments.

Ape in Dreams

Apes warns the person dreaming to beware of events happening around them. Apes are normally cautious creatures that love to explore. Deceit and betrayal often goes with this dream involving apes. You will find the opposition madly in love.

Arrow in Dreams

Dreaming of an arrow indicates you are in the process of attaining the means to reach your goals. If you are facing financial difficulties, you will relearn that hard work and discipline will help dig yourself out of the hole. If you are experiencing relationship troubles, you will learn to be a better person instead of focusing all your attention on the significant other. Think of the arrow as the growing process and steps to reach a better phase in your life.

Number Zero in Dreams

Dreaming of the number zero means you are currently unbounded or not tied down by responsibilities. You have the full potential to attain anything you want in life, and no obstacle or challenge is too great for a person with unlimited potential. You do not work for money or others, but for the joy of fulfilling a role and learning about the mysteries of life as much as possible.