Asylum in Dreams

Dreaming of an asylum means you are encountering a lot of mental anguish. You are currently troubled by not knowing who could help you through the low points of your life. The more you think that there is no way out, the more you see yourself being institutionalize. You need to seek out help from friends and professionals who may be able to get your situation straighten out.

Do not shrug it off as if everything is normal after dreaming about an asylum.

Ladybug in Dreams

Ladybugs are happy and optimistic insects that go about their daily tasks. When you dream of ladybugs, you are generally happy with life and work. Nothing but good luck and fortune accompanies a ladybug dream.

Arrested in Dreams

Dreaming of being arrested is a fear that your ethical consciousness is pointing out to you. You may be guilty of a certain evil act, or wrongly accused as the perpetrator where the consequences involve in an arrest.

It is advisable to seek out further help after this dream, or have someone talk you through your fear to see if it is relevant or just an outgrowth of dumb thoughts. Have you recently encountered law enforcement or taken something that is not yours?

July Dream

Dreaming of July is about reaping the rewards you have worked so hard towards. Your relationships will blossom, and work will become a learning playground once again. These gains are sometime mercurial, and you have to be aware whether you can handle the tempo and go along for the ride.

Bobcat in Dreams

Dreaming of a bobcat means you are not attentive enough at work nor your relationships. This has caused a detrimental aftereffect that creates stress in your waking hours. Plan on spending more time double checking your assignments before submitting them to clients. Also make an effort to maintain close relations by calling them to hangout and catch up.