Acting in Dreams

When you are acting in a dream, it means that you desire to be someone else in real life. You may not have fully reached your earning potential or life is not going as planned. The acting process of bring forth another identity motivates you to follow the character’s lead as in their discipline and attitudes toward living.

The more you embrace the character of your dream and being true even to their faults, it will guide you through tough obstacles.

Erection in Dreams

Dreaming of an erection means power and strength to attain the comfort and material wealth easily. This allows you to penetrate deep into the complications and come out resolved.

A woman dreaming of an erection seeks power, and dominance from their partner. A man dreaming of an erection may be facing difficulties of intimacy, and a lost of interest during intercourse.

Army in Dreams

Dreaming of an army means you seek structure and discipline in your life. In the waking hours, you may be running around aimlessly and achieving not nearly as much as you see yourself potentially capable of. If a person of experience offers you advice, take it to heart as constructive criticism by imagining yourself taking orders from an army superior and you will be successful.

Ass / Donkey in Dreams

The donkey is associated with simplicity and sturdiness. Having those traits lead to success in your undertakings, whether of travel or love. A simple person is often surrounded by loyal friends and associates. You will always have this support system, and attain your goals in a good pace.

Annoy in Dreams

Dreaming of being annoyed means people are plotting against you and causing your anxiety levels to rise. In the waking hours, beware of your surroundings and people who appear to be too nice as their true motives are rarely revealed.

Escape to a place with less activity and distractions, then you can focus on working on your goals again.