Abortion in Dreams

Dreaming about a abortion symbolizes and analogize different issues in the conscious life. Birth is the most beautiful and delicate gift from nature and when a female envisions abortion in her dreams it is often associated with the pain and suffering of a past experience of this traumatic situation. For the male counterpart, it is the guilt which is often associated with feelings of failure. Abortion can signify a situation that is highly provoking and painful. It may indicate troubles that endure in the near future. Take extra precaution especially if in current stage of pregnancy.

Mumbai in Dreams

Dreaming of Mumbai is a representation of the greatness this city has achieved through technological and economic advancements where international commerce transacts everyday. And where Bollywood ideas are dreamed about, and brought to life.

It is also a dream of sadness for the horrors inflicted on Mumbai’s civilians and innocent where militants take the city hostage. The fear of everything turned upside down due to lawlessness and threats keep us sleepless at night.

Decorating in Dreams

To dream that you are decorating something indicates you are trying to cover up imperfections or render something as clandestine to others. You do not wish for others to find out what may lay beneath the exterior of the object that you are decorating. At the same time, dreaming about decorating may reflect your desire to ignore or bury an issue at hand. You put layers and layers of decoration on top of it, hoping to avoid addressing the very heart of the issue. You rather deal with the superficial layers first and want to worry about the core of the problem later.

Alternatively, decorating in dreams can indicate that it a time of celebration and festivals. You are in preparation of honoring the holiday or a prominent day in your life by embellishing it with pretty ornaments and garnish.

Inheritance in Dreams

To dream that you are inheriting something parallels your desire for instant wealth and fortune. You want things to smoothly come to you without hindrances. At the same time, you wish to obtain success without working your life away for it. Dreaming that you are receiving an inheritance can also be interpreted as throughout your life, you are given an abundance of opportunities to achieve your goals. It can represent that things are easily within your grasp. You have no trouble, taking these opportunities and turning them into gold and success.

Lucid in Dream

Having a lucid dream means you are in control and the world is your oyster. You are gifted with the ability to do anything you want, with all the freedom you need, as there’s nothing in this world that can tie you down. Attaining success is easy, and nurturing relationships are a breeze.

Realizing that you control the lucid conscious dream, make the best of the experience where you can fly at will, move around without any inhibitions, and live the moment as real and vivid as possible.