Sperm in Dreams

Dreaming of sperm means a sexual climax and release. In life you may have hit a natural high and plateaued. You need to find new challenges that offers excitement to reengage your life’s purpose, and start doing the things you love to do again.

Sperm also represents spreading your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Build a business with a guaranteed income model, and you will not have break your back earning piecemeal.

Blackbird in Dreams

Dreaming of blackbirds represent pessimism and negativity. The lost of positive thinking tends to hold you at your tracks, thus preventing you to accomplish anything in your waking hours. With the blackbird in mind, your sense of responsibilities is overwhelm by doom and gloom.

To counteract the blackbird dream, say yes to doing things more even if you don’t want to. Saying yes commits you to activities and action which is better than no action at all.

Locking Doors in Dream

The act of locking doors in your dreams indicate you are shutting yourself off from friends and family. You choose privacy and distance to protect yourself. However, this approach continues to haunt you because you are not able to solve these troubles on your own as you lock the closed doors in the dreams. Take a step back, and unlock the doors, let others see your weakness and guide you through troubled times.

Alive in Dream

Dreaming of someone alive when they should be dead usually means you want to see them once more and interact with them. It could be a simple conversation over dinner to update them that you are doing well, and that it was a great pleasure to have them as a friend while they were among the living.

Or reliving the activities you have done together, and you miss the company dearly.

Apples in Dream

Dreaming of apples mean you have every intention to make nice, and appease your sexual desires. The tender juice from biting an apple is the release of your everyday tensions and stresses.

It is also representative of your growth in personal development, and relationships. Given time and effort, all things important to you will ripen and bear plentiful fruit.