Archaeologist in Dreams

Dreaming of an archaeologist means you are looking for answers by playing detective and examining past events. Regardless of your research’s outcome as an archaeologist, you will come away more informed about the present task and challenges at hand. You will also gain a deep understanding in why your antagonists are acting the way they are, and what experiences shaped their actions.

Astral Projection in Dreams

Dreaming of an astral projection means you have been wandering, and staying away from your friends and family. You may have realized that your emotions should not be affected by what others say or do because they are not you. Stepping away from it all and avoiding distractions will allow you to see the bigger picture that it is possible to create your own destiny.

June Dream

Dreaming of June is a good sign of attaining more wealth and free time. Your good fortune will arrive as others are slowing down, and you are pushing forward with dedication and hard work. Mean while, you will be enjoying a balanced life of work and enjoyment with many planned mini-vacations.

Your sense of judgment is at its highest point when you dream and think of the month of June.

Coworker in Dreams

Dreaming of a coworker means enjoying the forbidden love of fraternizing with people in the same company. You both hit it off through flirtations at office outings and continue to hide the affection in front of others.

Unfortunately this will not last as too much tension will arise from being found out and the initial feelings will slowly disappear.

Being Orphaned in Dreams

Dreaming of being orphaned means you fear abandonment where you have to fend for yourself to survive through trials and tribulations. Or a certain responsibility is overwhelming you and destroying your social life leaving you all alone. It is these senses of insecurity from facing challenges by yourself that triggers the orphaned dream.