Free Soda in Dreams

Dreaming of free soda means you love to enjoy all the things in life that are free. Soda is not necessarily valuable, but it is able to quench thirst and satisfy your pallets. It could also mean that you will be down and out of luck very soon where anything that contributes to your survival is important like water, clean bath, roof over your head, or free soda.

Thunder in Dreams

Thunder in dreams means you will be encountered with repercussion for one of your actions. In nature lightning precede thunder because the speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound. Thunder follows lightning as a result of the pressure and temperature creating air to move in to create a sonic boom; the sound of thunder. Lightning would be the action you did and if you dream of thunder, it would be the effect of your action. Your sub-conscience could be telling you to think about your actions more carefully and think about the consequences that could follow by performing those actions. You should look into the phrase “think before you act”.

Rape in Dreams

The act of being raped in dreams is a strong sign of a bad relationship. You are most likely with some one you feel inferior to. Instead of being in a partnership where you and the other person, listen and help one another, the other person most likely dominates. You feel insecure and unable to make them listen to you. There’s a feeling of being tied down and not being able to defend, or protect yourself. You’re in fear that your partner can hurt you and that you’re not safe when you’re around them. It’s a sign that you’re not being taken seriously and that your partner doesn’t really care much about you.

This is the time for you to re-evaluate your relationship and talk about it. You can’t just live in the shadow of someone else for the rest of your life. Stand up, and be strong, because you’re the only one in control of yourself.

Winter Dreams

Dreaming of Winter is dreaming of the end. Winter is both cold and void of warmth. The cycle’s end brings upon rest, and restoration. You will have gained happiness in your relationship at this point of juncture. Your investments will have paid out handsomely.

Winter is also a time to wrap up loose ends in financial matters, and neglected relations.

Deceased Mother in Dreams

Dreaming of your deceased mother signifies that you miss them, and something in the past is missing closure. Something in the waking hours could trigger the memories of the death of your mother and cause past issues to resurface.

Take some time off to visit the cemetery and pay your respects.