School in Dreams

Dreaming about school represents the lessons we have not learned yet. Every time when you overcome a certain work or relationship challenge, and you dream about school means your unconscious is trying to help reinforce the learned lessons into your thinking. You may have missed something on the way, and the dreams will show them to you.

Hare in Dreams

Hares are associated with speed. When you dream of hares, you want to get from point A to point B in the fastest possible way. In a relationship, you are seeking intimacy. At work, you are seeking a promotion. Be cautious with your journey, where there are bound to be a few stumbles that keep you from crossing the finish line.

Orgy in Dreams

Dreaming of an orgy means you are seeking to break out from the routine sex life that may need a little spice. An orgy is sometimes more complicated than you think to the uninitiated as every participant has to be tested and trusted. This can also indicate that you are no longer committed to one partner in the relationship and it is time to clue your partner into what you have on your mind.

Coins in Dreams

Dreaming about coins represent missed or overlooked opportunities that you have encountered. These could hold true value, and you desired them in your dreams. Gold coins represent power and wealth. Silver coins represent spiritual and emotional well being. Copper coin represent tasks and labor necessary to attain success.

Waterfall in Dreams

Dreaming about a waterfall may be reflective of the current state you are in. It symbolizes that your mind is full of great imagination and vitality. Eventually, this would lead to an outburst of creative energy.

However, if you envision yourself on a boat in your dream going over the waterfall, it means that you feel like you lack control. It may also mean that there are too many things in your life which are overwhelming you and consuming all your time and effort. A waterfall in your dream may be representative of the fact that you are letting go of something. No matter how hard you try to hold onto water in your hands, it will always slip through your grasp. Therefore, a waterfall in dream is symbolic of letting go.