Aspen in Dreams

Dreaming of an aspen means a developing a strong belief in individualism. Continue to focus on developing strong areas of your life instead of wasting significant time on projects that do not contribute to your overall goals. With every changing season, your aspen dream will come full circle allowing you to enter a second stage of self development.

Boar in Dreams

Boars are introverted aggressive creatures. When a boar appears in your dream, it signifies the that you want to remain aloof. At the same time you are very defensive of your territory, whether they are relationships or office space.

Try to open up more and invite people into your life.

Time Travel in Dreams

To dream that you are traveling through time represents your desire to go back to a certain point of time in your life, whether it be contentment or melancholy. There is something about that period of time that is making an impact on your current life. You may wish to alter some things as you may have regret doing or participating in. On the other hand, this may be reflective of your desire to be back at an age of bliss. Either way, time travel in dreams is seen as a method of going back to factors that are influencing your life.

Time travel in you dreams indicates that time may be moving at fast pace during your wake self. In your dream, you want to take the opportunity of time travel to slow things down for you so you can gain a better understanding or perspective of past memories.

Masochism in Dreams

Dreaming of masochism means you derive pleasure from being punished or horrendously inflicted with pain. The pain increases your pleasure levels that cannot be achieve through any other means. As for selecting partners who can participate in your games, it becomes difficult for them because they don’t know how to treat you without hurting you even when you tell them it is okay.

Win Sweepstakes in Dream

Dreaming of winning a sweepstakes represents a prophetic message that you are chosen to win. The prizes in the sweepstakes is something you desire tremendously and winning it would mean a great deal to you and your family. The winning dream also carries with it a lot of luck to the host dreamer. In the waking hours, pick up a couple sweepstakes form and fill them out because you are feeling lucky.